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Our clients experience the very best in Managed IT – we provide total flexibility, and understand how different each business is. It won’t be long until you’re enjoying it too!

Network Operations

Cloud Services

Disaster Recovery

Hardware Repairs

End-point Protection

Security, MDM, etc

We allow your IT to sing together in harmony, allowing you to get back to what you do best.

Trusted by some of Australia’s largest names, it’s time to turn to the company who’s always got your IT’s back.

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End-user & Enterprise Hardware Coverage

We provide service to SMBs through international conglomerates, and cover all types of equipment, connectivity and architectures.

Computers, servers & mobile devices

After auditing your machines and devices, we’ll keep up-to-date on their status and will report issues to you pro-actively. Upgrades and downtime are kept to a minimum by ensuring you upgrade sensibly.

Networking, Wi-Fi, cellular, fibre, etc

Looking to improve phone or internet service? Rolling out site radios? Need WAPs replaced nation-wide? Allow us to deliver on your needs, and provide leading connectivity solutions to your business.

Tech Refresh: Technology overhauls

Leaders in the space of overhauling site technology, both at small and large scales, Tech Refresh are ready for your next project. Acquisitions and mergers are professionally handled by our veteran team.

Disaster Recovery (DR) & Redundancy

Managed IT is ideal for peace-of-mind as you’re covered against disaster events. We make sure your company is prepared to survive mishaps from any angle, keeping impact down.

End-point protection
Great security is often thwarted by user behaviour – it’s how our minds work, and we need to protect against it. Viruses, malware, ransomware and more are lurking online. We track all of your devices & scan them.
"No single copy" approach

Your data is your business, and we introduce redundancy to any single copies that businesses may have – it’s just too risky. We’ll make sure that your data is backed up and replicated in case of a “data disaster”.

Back-ups of back-ups (of back-ups)

If you’re still happy to operate off an on-site server, we’ll have an on-site backup and a cloud backup as a minimum option. Should your internet not permit for the cloud option, you’ll need to take hard drives off-site each week. Cloud clients enjoy an easier configuration.

Fibre / Copper Networking, VoIP Telephony

Our partnership with the big telcos allows us to offer great service and value across fibre, copper and wireless internet services. VoIP now underpins business telephony, and we’re ready to help you.

Internet services (fibre & copper)
Whether you’re after 10/10Mbps and don’t care much for redundancy, you need 1/1Gbps in a hurry or you’re after mobile redundancy nation-wide within weeks, we’re your go-to. Enjoy premium service & support.
Connectivity services (VPN, MPLS, etc)
Able to wrap around cloud environments or on-premise (remote / hybrid) systems, we can enable your mobile fleet to benefit from seamless connectivity to your operations. Ask us for info today.
Seamless VoIP & Mobile Telephony
Telephony is critical, and without it the world grinds to an awfully old-fashioned halt. We talk in numbers, IVRs, holding patterns & reports, and are ready for your needs. We’re ready for fleet, fixed & beyond.

Some managed IT love ❤️

Great up-front service followed by speedy and effective after-sales support. We’ll definitely be continuing with hosting services as well as support services.
Steven A

Ops Manager

After working with Ink for over a year, they’ve proven themselves capable of servicing our complex sites and needs both promptly & professionally. Thank you!

Gareth K

ICT Manager

I found Ink to be a pleasure to deal with during our Business Web Development process. Highly recommend the Ink team for building a new website.
Brad T

Auto Electrical

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